Kamakura Club Tea House

Experience Japanese green tea in a serene setting
where you can find an escape the everyday world.

Do you like green tea? In Japan, most people would say, “Yes.” And yet, few of us take the time to savor the unique aroma of green tea and the fleeting moment.

In the modern era, in which we are surrounded by an overabundance of information and other stimuli, we need to focus on spiritual richness and a relaxed lifestyle rather than material comforts, as well as make more time for leisure and tranquility. At our shop, we hope to provide you with this in a place that furnishes encounters between people and objects.

One way we achieve this is with our Japanese ’tea house’ where you can try authentic green teas from around Japan in a space where both mind and body can be reset to a simpler state and the tension in your shoulders released.

Here we offer a moment of luxury with different types of Japanese green tea, each infused with the concepts of Nijushi Sekki*, and tea snacks created using carefully handcrafted utensils. It is our hope that everyone can experience this special moment, suffused with our warmest sentiment.

*Nijushi Sekki is the traditional Japanese almanac that divides the year into 24 ‘seasons’ based on the number of days or the position of the sun, from a time when people embraced the minute seasonal changes in their day-to-day lives.


Japanese green tea


Japanese green tea is grown all over the country and becomes increasingly complex the more you know about it. Tea plants rooted in the local area grow rapidly, exuding a sense of the power, as well as the aromas, of the sun and earth. Each cup you drink and experience will elicit vivid images of Japan’s natural landscapes and relax your senses. Whether it be for those times when you are tired and want to unwind, or for any other mood, we can recommend teas that will suit and help you to enjoy your break.



Japan has four distinct seasons and 24 solar terms. When people lived according to the traditional almanac, their lives were rooted in a sense of these seasons. Consuming seasonal foods and beverages, enjoying seasonal landscapes, and engaging in seasonal events and practices enriched people physically and spiritually. This way of life continues even today. Take a minute to enjoy our seasonal tea snacks with Japanese green tea.

Handiwork in Japan


Highly-skilled artisans and creators turn their hands to all aspects of food, clothing, and shelter across Japan but we rarely have the opportunity to see the splendor of their craft in our day-to-day lives. In the present era, we are saturated with an excess of information and material goods making it ever more crucial for us to find ways to enrich our spirit and make time for leisure in our daily lives.

At our tea house then, you will have the chance to appreciate the exquisite work of these Japanese artisans and creators, work that is infused with skill and sentiment, and bring moments of special luxury to your daily routines